Injuries We Treat and Solve

Find out more about your injury in our information and knowledge bank.

Shoulder pain can arise from conditions such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingements & adhesive capsulitis. Find out more information about our top tips for managing shoulder pain here.

Most people will experience back pain at some stage in their life. For most people, if they get the right advice, exercises and education, they will find that their back pain will quickly resolve. Have a look at some of the back exercises we give to our patients.

Neck Pain can lead to other discomfort such as headaches, pins & needles, and tight muscles around the shoulders. Find some helpful advice in our knowledge bank to help your neck pain.

Common problems such as tennis and golfers elbow are seen in the chelmsford physiotherapy clinic. Suprisingly these types are not commonly related to these sports and occur from everyday activity. Have a look at our best exercises for elbow & wrist pain.

Common injuries seen in the calf, foot & ankle, are such as ankle sprains, achilles tears & calf muscle tears. All of them being very painful and timely in recovery time. However, with the right advice and exercise, people can return to activity and sport at a greater pace with expert physiotherapy. 

Mensicus tears, ACL injury are what our chelmsford physiotherapists deal with the most at the clinic when it comes to knee injuries. Most injuries can be treated by physiotherapy alone, explore our knowledge bank to see if any of the exercises could be helpful for you.

  • Get a Diagnosis
  • Hands on treatment
  • Online Accessible Rehab Programme


Per session

  • Great for pain relief and healing
  • Covered by most health insurers
  • 3-4 Sessions normally needed


Per Session

  • One to one 45 minute session
  • Individualised for your goals
  • Nutritional advice


Per session

  • Ideal for a quick recovery with new injuries
  • 4 sessions
  • Sessions can be used for either Physio, Sports Massage or Personal Training
  • Save £50 with this one off payment !

One Off Payment

Injury Prevention Membership Plans

Once we have solved your injury problems, do what professional sports people do to keep the old injuries away and be at your best. Affordable pay monthly membership plans at a reduced cost.

  • Check back in on your known problem area
  • 1 Session Per Month
  • Choose your Injury Prevention session
  • Can be a Physio, Sports Massage or Personal Training session.

Per Month Membership

  • Check back in on your known problem area
  • 2 Sessions Per Month
  • Choose your Injury Prevention Session
  • Can be a Physio, Sports Massage or Personal Training session

Per Month Membership

  • Train and Recover like a Pro Sport Star
  • 4 sessions per Month
  •  Choose your session on your needs- Physio. Sports Massage or Personal Training

Per Month Membership


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We have experience in treating all different types of injuries in professional athletes who want to get back to their sport to people who just want to be out of pain.