Stay injury free with our top 5 best running tips

Running physio injury

1. Look After Your Feet

2. Open A New Excel Spreadsheet

3. Pick Up A Dumbbell

4. Ice Bath?

5. Run Like A Pro At An Event

1Look after your feet

From looking after your toe nails to treating yourself to new trainers, looking after your feet is key. Depending how serious you want to get or what pre existing injuries you have will dictate what specific trainers you need. However, as a rule of thumb- don’t find your oldest/most beaten up trainers to run in, you want a trainer that is going to give you support with impact through your mid foot/heel and support your arch of your foot. Shoe manufactures recommend changing your running shoes every 400-500 miles.

2.  Open a new excel spreadsheet

Look to roughly plan your runs in terms of distance, which day of the week, approx. times/pace, and then include other aspects of fitness that you want to squeeze in around your running plan. Common errors in planning lead to injuries such as progressing the pace or distance covered to quickly, therefore planning out your programme will help reduced overload injuries to tendons/muscles.

3.  Pick up a dumbbell

Strength training for your legs is one of the best ways to help prevent injuries and improve your running performance. Exercises such as squats, lunges, bridges, calf raises can all help improve your muscle and tendon strength which helps dissipate forces better when running.

4.  Ice Bath?

There are many ways to recover and is doesn’t have to be an ice bath! Stretching, compression garments, massage, relaxing, cold water immersion, active recovery are all helpful but do what is right for you by what feels best. So, it might take some trial and error but doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing!

5.  Run like a pro at an Event

Pick out an event to target, there are different distance runs for everyone so pick out a fun challenge for yourself to keep you motivated and on course. Plus, you can tell everyone about how well you have done!  

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