Skiing Injuries

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During the winter months the sports injury clinic in Chelmsford, skiing and snowboarding injuries are often present. From catching the edge of your own ski’s to being wiped out from a fellow skier, injuries can occur all over the body. Most commonly knee injuries occur when there has been an accident. Injury the ligament of the Knee such as the ACL or MCL are most common, which can mean an early end to your skiing season. Ligament injuries like this are likely to cause swelling at the knee and a feeling of instability. Braces are sometimes recommended to manage these types of problems in the early stages with the use of crutches. X-ray’s and MRI scans are advisable to understand the full extent of the knee injury. Other knee injuries can be seen in the meniscus of the knee, swelling and limitation of movement is normally observed, occasionally with locking. Both type of injuries can respond well to physiotherapy, with the use of exercise and manual therapy. Our physiotherapist are experts within this field, and have helped people get back to skiing and other sports after these types of injuries.


Away from the knee, shoulder injuries can also occur when skiing. These types of injuries normally occur after impact, and dislocations, sub-luxation’s and joint sprains can be observed. There can be associated rotator cuff tears or they can occur just in isolation, however with the correct advice, exercise and manual therapy, shoulder pain can be settled and good restoration of movement/function can be achieved. Ultrasound scans can visualise and assess the rotator cuff with good accuracy as well assess other structure around the shoulder such as the bursa.


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