Running Injuries

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Running injuries are getting more common now than ever with more and more people taking up the activity to help improve fitness, mental wellbeing or just to do something fun. Our staff have extensive experience in helping beginner or experienced runners get over minor or major niggles that have limited or stopped them from running.


Due to the nature of the activity, lower limb injuries are seen on a regular basis in the sports clinic varying from muscles injuries to the calves, hamstring, shins, to joint injuries to the hip, knee or foot/ankle or tendon injuries to the achilles, ITB, peroneals.


Muscular injuries are normally due overloading the structures of their current capability. i.e. running faster, increased frequency or length of running too quickly. The best way to counter act this is by planning your running schedule and by performing regular exercise to strengthen the lower limb muscles, as when muscle injuries strike they can take from 2 weeks to 3 months to fully recover. Our staff can give you tailored programme based on your current capabilities to help reduce injury risk or get over a muscle injury quickly.


Joint and tendon issues around the ankle and foot can often be seen, with problems such as ITB syndrome, Achilles tendonitis or peroneal tendon injury. Joint injuries can be seen with toes, or ankle/knee or hip joint. Our physio’s assess from your foot posture to your hip/pelvic movements when dealing with running injuries. Our team will also consider your footwear and give you advice around when to change and how to look after your feet to prevent small problems stopping you from running.

Chelmsford Clinic

Based at the Essex County Cricket Ground, the clinic can be found opposite the Graham Gooch Indoor Centre. The clinic is clean and modern, and has a fully equiped rehabilitation gym.


Car Parking is avaliable at the clinic, please note it is ANPR controlled so please get a ticket on arrival

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