Rugby Injuries

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As we all know, rugby is a brutal/physical game that often leads to all types of injuries. From Head injuries, shoulder dislocations to major knee injuries, Rugby will keep any physio busy on the side lines. Concussion is injury to the brain and thankfully is better recognised now as an injury that needs to be treated well and respected. England RFU has an excellent resources to help manage concussion at your club ( The minimum amount of time needed before returning to rugby as grass roots level is 21 days, however the player needs to be symptom free for the previous 14 days. All concussion should be reviewed by a health care professional at the earliest opportunity.


Shoulder dislocations, Acromial clavicular joint sprains, rotator cuff tears can be seen on a rugby pitch due to the impact or awkward positions shoulders may get into during tackling, rucking etc. Shoulder dislocations are obvious to spot and need to be relocated with care (best practice is in a hospital setting followed by an x-ray to check it is back in place correctly). Immobilising the shoulder with a sling and use of pain medication are the best ways to manage a shoulder dislocation at the early stages. With exercise and the right initial management, these problems can be managed with physiotherapy. Our Physio team use a combination of hand on manual treatment, taping alongside specific rehab. Timescales normally take around 8-12 weeks to see a return to training, however timescales vary on what structures have been injured i.e. labrum, ligaments, tendons, etc.


Knee injuries to the major ligaments of the knee can occur. The ACL is the injury all sporting people dread to injure due to the well documented long and tough rehab process that follows. ACL injuries normally are accompanied by swelling, instability and sometimes a reported “pop” being heard during the injury. Our Physio’s can assess the stability of the ACL with special tests such as the anterior drawer test or Lachmans test in consideration of your history of injury. Managing the swelling and resorting the normal movement of the knee are the initial key parts to manage.


Get your rugby injury assessed by physio who have experience from working full time in professional sport.

Chelmsford Clinic

Based at the Essex County Cricket Ground, the clinic can be found opposite the Graham Gooch Indoor Centre. The clinic is clean and modern, and has a fully equiped rehabilitation gym.


Car Parking is avaliable at the clinic, please note it is ANPR controlled so please get a ticket on arrival

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