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For most people an episode of back pain is a short term problem that will get better with time and simple treatment. A short term episode of back pain normally involves irritating one of the many structures around the back such as a facet joint (a small joint in the spine which is situated at each vertebral level on the left and right side, ligaments, tendons, muscles, soft tissue or disc. The body’s normal reaction to irritating one of these structures is for the muscles surrounding the area to go into spasm, normally giving a tight restricting feeling to the problem area. This is seen as a protective mechanism from our body to prevent us from irritating the acute problem further, similar to how we treat broken bones by immobilising the area with a plaster cast. With time as the area of irritation settles down and recovers, it is important to restore the normal movement and strength to avoid the issue from returning. This normally involves using yoga/Pilates exercises as well as general exercise such as walking, cycling, running etc.. For most this normally ends the episode of back pain experienced and full return to normal life.


For those, who have back pain with leg pain, or just leg pain from the back without any back pain, this normally tends to take longer to settle down and may need further help with extensive physio and pain medications. Disc problems are one of the major causes of pain like this, however for most with the right treatment these problems do settle, and people can return to sport and normal life as they were previously.


If you have any disturbance in your bladder or bowel habits, loss of muscle power, bilateral pin’s and needles or numbness, unrelenting pain then further urgent medical assessment is required and contacting is essential.


Our physio’s in Chelmsford, Essex have extensive experience in professional sport, helping people beat their back pain and return back to sport or just normal everyday activities. Book your appointment online now or give us a call.


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