Football Injuries

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Lower leg injuries in football can occur from direct impact or from a simple change in direction or speed. Knee ligament injury, Knee Meniscal injury, patella tendonitis, os-good schlatters are common footballing injuries and getting the diagnosis is the key to a successful timely recovery.


Muscle injuries can also occur during football, with hamstring injury the most common type of muscle tear. With larger muscles tears there will be swelling and bruising seen, being unable to continue playing and restriction of movement often observed together. For smaller tears, there may not be any bruising and some people feel that are able to continue playing. However, the risk of re-injuring the same muscle is high if inadequate time has been given to allow the muscle to recover or if the muscle has been pushed beyond its capability since being injured. Rehab timescales vary between 7-10 days to 12 weeks depending on the location of the tear and size of it. As a rule of thumb, the closer the muscle tear is to the tendon, the longer the recovery process is going to take. Ultrasound assessment of the injured muscle can clarify the location and size of the muscle injury help guide the rehab process. Injuries in the muscle belly recover quicker with the rich blood supply the muscle receives.


Rehab needs to be focused at restoring movement to the joint and muscles around the area of injury through the use of mobility exercises. Alongside this strengthening of the muscles is essential to avoid re-occurrences of the muscle injury. This can normally start as quickly 4 days post injury, working within comfort under the guidance of our expert physiotherapy team in Chelmsford.  Manual therapy is effective in the early stages of recovery as it assists with pain relief, helps the soft tissue relax and encourages normal tensile stresses to the tissues to assist with healing. Our team have extensive experience of working in full time sports, working professional athletes return to their sport in a speedy but safe timescale with injury.

Chelmsford Clinic

Based at the Essex County Cricket Ground, the clinic can be found opposite the Graham Gooch Indoor Centre. The clinic is clean and modern, and has a fully equiped rehabilitation gym.


Car Parking is avaliable at the clinic, please note it is ANPR controlled so please get a ticket on arrival

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