Elbow & Wrist Pain

Common problems such as tennis and golfers elbow are seen in the chelmsford physiotherapy clinic. Suprisingly these types are not commonly related to these sports and occur from everyday activity. With Physiotherapy treatment, specific exercises and appropriate advise, these problems can treated effectively. Have a look below at some of the common issues we treat at the Physio Academy Chelmsford.

Elbow and hand physio chelmsford

Our Physiotherapists & Fitness team at the physio academy chelmsford have put together some of their most common wrist and elbow exercises to help with some of the problems as above.

When ever performing exercises, always start with low intensity and within comfort. Once you become confident with them you can work them muscles and joints harder.

As always, also consultant with a health professional before starting exercise that is new to you.

Chelmsford Clinic

Based at the Essex County Cricket Ground, the clinic can be found opposite the Graham Gooch Indoor Centre. The clinic is clean and modern, and has a fully equiped rehabilitation gym.


Car Parking is avaliable at the clinic, please note it is ANPR controlled so please get a ticket on arrival

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