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Get your day to day workstation assessed from the experts with a biomechanical and antomical knowledge

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The Chelmsford Physio Clinic is now offering Display Screen Equipment (DSE)/Work Station Assessment.  Since the changing of working conditions with more people now working from home, the clinic staff have noticed a increase in work station based musculoskeletal pain.


For those who use a display screen continuously for more than an hour a day when at work, are required to have a DSE assessment. This assessment can be performed in different ways, however Physiotherapists are suitably placed to perform the assessment with their anatomical and biomechanical knowledge and expertise. The most common complaints from working at a workstation are head/neck, back and upper limb pain which account to large amount of days missed from work each year.


Work station assessment is cost effective method to minimise time off from work and decrease aches & pains felt during work. Assessments take place at your designated work space, where for most people the use of existing office furniture/equipment is optimised to help decrease pain felt during work. Additionally, advice and education around posture and activity can have a beneficial effect in maximising the comfort around your workstation.


All DSE assessments come with a written report and suggestions (if required). It is encouraged that DSE assessments are followed up 3-6 months after initial assessment to review if suggestions have been implemented and successful.  Prices for assessment start from £95.


For more information about DSE/Work Station assessment, please get in touch via info@physiofitnessessex.com or call 01245 254069.


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DSE/Work Station Assessment

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