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When do you need to seek further medical help? How long do I stay in pain until I ask for help? How long does it take for my injury to heal? All very good questions that most people ask when they experience pain after an injury.

In the instance of clear trauma, deformity to joints/bones, being unable to walk (after lower limb injury) or high levels of pain are all good reasons but not only the reasons why a trip to A&E or calling NHS help centres ( for further advice is essential for an new injury.
Once a diagnosis has been made with the above issues then physio may be appropriate to help get over your injury quickly.

However, for those who do not fall into the category of an injury that needs immediate hospital care, physiotherapy might be the best option for you. Physiotherapists are highly trained and qualified health care experts and are recognised by the Health & Care Professions Council ( and have chartered status (

Our Physiotherapist at the Chelmsford clinic, specialise in musculoskeletal injury, which means they will be able to expertly assess your muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, soft tissue injury through listening to your clinical history and the symptoms you had at the time of injury and current symptoms that you are still experiencing. After this discussion the Physio will assess your injury using tests that will help assist with the diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the physiotherapist can provide manual treatment such as joint mobilisations, massage techniques, electrotherapy such as shockwave therapy. Additionally, you will be given exercises that help your problem for a quick recovery.
This all can be done in 30-minute assessment and treatment session, and we have over 220 excellent reviews from previous patients of all that have been in pain at some time after an injury.

So, to answer the first 2 questions I highlighted at the start can be answered in one sentence. Always seek medical attention early to get the best advice as this leads to best outcomes for a speedy recovery.

Regarding recovery there are several factors that influence healing times such as age, pre-existing health, nutrition, type and complexity of injury. For example, with muscle injuries within the same muscle can take as little as 7-10 days to settle or up to 12 weeks to heal despite being in a similar location. My best bit of advice is that it will always take longer than you expect for your pain to settle and injury to heal, but when you consider the complexity of the biology that is taking place, I think it is a minor miracle that bones heal as quickly as they do.

In summary my advice is seek medical attention early and get the diagnosis confirmed, this outlines the best management programme for you and give you the best chance of a speedy and timely recovery for your injury.

Physio academy Chelmsford is a sports injury clinic in Chelmsford with extensive experience working within professional sport medical teams, appointments can be booked and managed online via our booking page (


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We have experience in treating all different types of injuries in professional athletes who want to get back to their sport to people who just want to be out of pain.

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