Cricket Injuries

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Being based at a cricket ground, you can imagine we have seen our fair share of cricket injuries. However, our staff don’t just treat the professional players at the Essex County Cricket ground and regularly see young and older people that play cricket at the weekend.


Whilst we do see a lot of shoulder injuries, they are not as common as you would think, with most problems arising from throwing or diving. Injuries to the rotator cuff and sub acromial structures are mostly seen with throwing and joint injuries to the gleno-humeral joint and acromial clavicular joint are seen from impact of the shoulder hitting the ground. Often ending in sub luxation or dislocations injuries.  Injuries to the Lumbar spine for bowlers and lower limb muscles/joint injuries can be just as much as a problem though when playing cricket.


Bowlers can often report back pain from bowling, which is no surprise in consideration of the forces produced and absorbed when bowling a ball. Some players can develop stress fractures/responses, injure their discs or irritate their facet joints as a few examples. As with most back problems, getting an accurate diagnosis from the onset of the problem and being put on the right management path is key to getting back to sport or everyday life activities in the quickest way. Most problems with rehabilitation, rest and a graduated return to play resolve with no further issues.


As the lower limbs and joints take most the forces when playing cricket, hamstring and calf muscles tears are common as well as knee and ankle joint injuries.  Muscle injuries can take weeks sometimes up to 3 months to get right, so an early diagnosis is key. This helps shape the best recovery path for you and give realistic timescales on your recovery. Joint injuries normally involve swelling and restriction of movement. Get the best advice around swelling management, restoration of movement and strength is essential to get the quickest outcome for your joint injury.


Our staff have over 12 year’s experience of managing cricket injuries, with a successful track record of returning people back to their sport with reinjury and in a timely period.  

Chelmsford Clinic

Based at the Essex County Cricket Ground, the clinic can be found opposite the Graham Gooch Indoor Centre. The clinic is clean and modern, and has a fully equiped rehabilitation gym.


Car Parking is avaliable at the clinic, please note it is ANPR controlled so please get a ticket on arrival

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